MopEye Mobile Network Performance

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Project Description

MopEye is a Adnroid app to monitor Per-app Mobile Network Performance.

It further gives you several advanced features (all in free and without any advertisements):
– Know which apps in your phone send network traffic in the background;
– Capture the server domains of each app (you may figure out which apps send a lot of Ad traffic);
– Compare similar apps’ network performance, and select the one that has better performance;
– Understand which apps encounter network failures through our “Error Logs” setting menu;
– Figure out network-unfriendly apps that keep sending network traffic, which consumes your battery;
– Set DNS for your WiFi/3G/4G networks without root via our “Change DNS” setting menu;

Conference Paper:

MopEye: Opportunistic Monitoring of Per-app Mobile Network Performance

Daoyuan Wu, Rocky K. C. Chang, Weichao Li, Eric K. T. Cheng, and Debin Gao

One of the 21 highly-ranked papers of ATC’17. It has enabled our IWQoS’19 and WiSec’18 papers, as well as an INFOCOM’19 paper from SJTU.
In Proc. USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC), Santa Clara, USA, 2017.



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